Betting with Kelly - Kelly Criterion (Part 2/2)
In a random corner of a casino, you found a spin-the-wheel game with great odds but a small chance of losing your bet. You know that you can compound the winnings and by betting incrementally allows your balance to grow exponentially. You could bet 100% of your balance each game but you are worried that landing on a 0x will zero you out. How will you bet to maximise your final balance (and maybe take the casino home)?
New Year Resolution for 2020 - In OKR Format
For this year, my new year resolution will be in the format of an OKR. So here goes:
Bet Sizing with Kelly - Risk of Ruins (Part 1/2)
Let's play roulette. There are 3 wheels of different payouts. Some wheels are riskier than others. You have a starting balance of $100 and may play 20 games. In each game, you may choose the size of your bet. Your goal is to have the most amount of money at the end of 20 games. How well do you think you will do?
Implementing End-to-End Encryption on a Quadratic Voting (QV) Application
Recently, my tribe held our promotion nomination exercise using my quadratic voting app. The exercise allow all members of the tribe to vote one another for the upcoming promotion. One of the concerns of using the quadratic voting application was that I could potentially read and change the votes since I've database access. How would I convince my collagues to trust me?
Quadratic voting for group consensus
In a series of unfortunate events, you and your friends are left stranded in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Together, you have managed to salvage some items from the wreck. As a group, your task is to agree on the importance of these items. Your decisions will determine if you get to walk away alive. The problem now is how do you decide on the importance? Quadratic voting can help!