My Experience with AngelSquad One Year In

When I first heard about Angel Squad (by Hustle Fund), I was intrigued by the concept of a community for angel investors and startup enthusiasts. As someone based in Singapore, the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world was incredibly appealing so I pulled the plug and joined the community.

This is my review of Angel Squad after 1 year in it.

What is AngelSquad?

AngelSquad is a membership community organized by HustleFund (or HF), a venture capital firm. While HustleFund is a VC that invests in startups, AngelSquad is a separate entity that provides access to deal flow, educational resources, and networking opportunities.

The Power of Community

After being part of AngelSquad for a year, I can confidently say that the community aspect is the most valuable part of the program, giving far more value than everything else within the program itself. With over 1,500 members scattered worldwide, AngelSquad fosters a vibrant ecosystem of self-organized events, meetups, and intimate group discussions.

The Online Hub

The primary platform for the AngelSquad community is, a forum-like discussion platform. This is where the magic happens – from deal flow discussions to member introductions.

One of my favorite hangouts on the platform is the "New Member Introductions" section, where I get to see who's joining the community and learn about their backgrounds and interests. It's fascinating to see the diversity of members, from founders and professional investors to executives holding leadership positions in various companies.

The "Founders Asks" forum is another goldmine, especially for those who are founders themselves or have invested in portfolio companies. Here, members can seek help, advice, or extend their expertise to others in the community who are navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Of course, deal flow and discussions are a major part of the online forum experience. I've had the opportunity to engage in active conversations around potential investments, whether they're being shared by HustleFund or other community members.

Beyond discussions, the platform also hosts a wealth of resources, such as the Hustle Fund's Deal Assessment Framework, for new members, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with angel investing can get up to speed quickly.

Local Chapters and Meetups

One of the highlights of AngelSquad is the active local chapters in various cities. In Singapore, where I'm based, there's a very active chapter that organizes a lot of content. We meet almost monthly, with a dedicated squad lead (thanks Andy Hwang) helping to organize these gatherings. These monthly meetups often have a specific theme and can sometimes be great learning opportunities.

For example, one of the recent events I attended was a live session on quantum computing and investing in quantum computing. We had the chance to learn about the fundamental concepts of quantum computing from industry experts and founders at the forefront of this technology. The intimate setting allowed for a level of interaction and Q&A that you simply can't get at larger conferences.

Global Events and Connections

Beyond local meetups, AngelSquad members also organize ad hoc events worldwide, both in-person and virtual. While many events happen in startup hubs like San Francisco and New York, where a significant portion of investors are based, the global nature of the community means you can connect with like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe.

AngelSquad also facilitates small group meetings, where three to five members in the same city can meet for more intimate discussions. I've had the opportunity to participate in these meetings in Singapore, and they've been a great way to get to know other members on a deeper level.

One of the most interesting initiatives within AngelSquad is the "Intros Club," which matches members one-on-one based on shared interests. Every week, I get matched with someone random from around the world, and we have the chance to connect at our convenience. Through these introductions, I've had the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics and experiences.

For instance, I've spoken with parents in San Francisco who shared their insights on raising children in the city and their reasons for considering a move. I've also connected with consultants who run their own marketing agencies, acting as fractional CMOs or CTOs for various projects. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives within the AngelSquad community is truly remarkable.

Deal Opportunities

While the community is the primary draw, AngelSquad also provides access to a steady stream of deal opportunities. Over the past year, I've had the chance to make a couple of small investments ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 through the AngelSquad platform on AngelList.

The deal flow primarily comes from three main sources within HustleFund:

  1. Angel Squad Fund: This is where you'll find many of the early-stage, pre-seed, and seed deals. Some examples from my portfolio include i-50, Haven, and FleetPanda – companies that are still in the early stages of validation and seeking initial funding.

  2. Vertical Deals: These are companies in the seed and Series A stages, often operating within specific verticals. One company I invested in through this pool is Release, which is focused on the product analytics space.

  3. HustleFund Scale: For those interested in late-stage opportunities, the HustleFund Scale pool offers deals in more mature companies, sometimes through secondary transactions. I've had the chance to invest in companies like Epic Games, Anthropic, Databricks and Webflow through this avenue.

It's worth noting that deal flow isn't limited to just HustleFund's offerings. Many AngelSquad members are VCs or angel investors themselves, providing additional investment opportunities within the community's smaller sub-groups.

The AngelList platform makes it easy to track your portfolio, see upcoming deal invites, and stay updated on the companies you've invested in. Every month, I receive investor updates from two or three different portfolio companies, keeping me in the loop on their progress and milestones.

Learning Opportunities

One of the aspects I appreciate most about AngelSquad is the wealth of learning resources available, especially for those new to angel investing or the startup world.

Within the online platform, there's an on-demand angel investing course taught by Elizabeth Yin, one of the General Partner at HustleFund. This comprehensive course provides a solid framework for evaluating deals and making informed investment decisions.

Additionally, AngelSquad hosts a weekly calendar of events that are not only informative but also recorded for those who can't attend live. These events include:

  1. Starter Check Showcase: Get a glimpse into the latest pre-seed and seed-stage companies seeking funding.

  2. Pitch Events: Witness live pitches from founders and engage in Q&A sessions.

  3. Deal Reviews: Dive deep into the due diligence process for specific deals, learning from the HustleFund team's analysis.

Beyond the virtual events, AngelSquad also organizes in-person gatherings that provide unique learning opportunities. For instance, the quantum computing session I attended allowed me to learn about this cutting-edge technology directly from founders and experts in the field.

The intimate setting of these events is truly invaluable, as it allows for a level of interaction and knowledge sharing that's often lost in larger conferences or webinars. I've had the chance to ask questions, engage in discussions, and gain insights that have undoubtedly enriched my understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Who Should Join AngelSquad?

Based on my experience, there are three main groups of people who can greatly benefit from joining AngelSquad:

  1. Professionals interested in investing and the startup world: If you're a professional who's intrigued by the idea of investing in startups or simply wants to stay connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, AngelSquad is an excellent way to get involved. Through the community, you'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced investors, gain insights into the startup world, and potentially make investments without taking on the risk of starting your own company.

  2. Startup founders: For those who are founders themselves, being part of AngelSquad can provide invaluable perspectives. By understanding the mindset of investors, you'll gain insights into what they look for in potential investments, how to effectively communicate with them, and what kind of updates and reporting they expect. This knowledge can be a game-changer when it comes to fundraising and maintaining strong investor relationships.

  3. Professional investors: If you're already an active investor, whether in funds or individual companies, AngelSquad offers a platform for networking and accessing additional deal flow opportunities. The community is a melting pot of investors from various backgrounds, providing the chance to connect, share insights, and potentially collaborate on future investments.

How to Join AngelSquad (& Pricing)

One of the best things about AngelSquad is that you don't need to be an accredited investor to join the community. The only requirement is to be a respectful and engaged member, ready to contribute to the vibrant ecosystem.

To get started, AngelSquad offers a two-week free trial, giving you a chance to explore the platform, attend events, and get a feel for the community. After the trial period, you can choose from various pricing plans:

  • Quarterly subscription: $875 per quarter

  • Four-month lifetime deal: $3,500 (no further payments after the initial four months)

  • Annual upfront payment: $3,200(a further $300 discount on the lifetime deal)

The application process is straightforward, and you can click here to apply.

The connections I've made, the knowledge I've gained, and the investments I've been able to participate in have made my experience with AngelSquad truly rewarding. If you're passionate about the startup world and eager to immerse yourself in a supportive, forward-thinking community, I highly recommend checking out AngelSquad.

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