Welcome to my page! I'm Raymond Yeh, a geek obsesed with distributed ledger technology (blockchain), data science and computer security.


In my professional life, I'm a software developer with GovTech Singapore working on building awesome citizen-centric products for fellow Singaporean.

In my previous role, I worked on MyCareersFuture, an intelligent job portal to match jobs to citizen by scoring their skills against the job's. I am currently working on OpenCerts, a digital certificate framework to issue and verify education credentials.

If you are interested in what I do at GovTech, talk to me, my team is currently hiring!


I enjoy playing boardgames and console games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party. Be sure to ask me out for your game night - or I can host!

My hidden talent is show and tell, as pointed out by my colleagues. Ask me to share:

  • a magic trick or two
  • mobile app hacking/spoofing
  • high frequency & arbitrage trading

I believe in improving social mobility through education and will be happy to collaborate on meaningful projects.