Third-party Scams & Money Laundering - A Journey to the Dark Side
S$99 million was lost to scams in 2017. In the first half of 2018, scams on Carousell rose by 136%. How does this money get moved around, out of Singapore, into the hands of the famous Nigerian prince? I was offered a glimpse into the world of money laundering in back in 2017 as a cryptocurrency trader. I'll take you through a journey of how several innocent and honest folks can find their way to be part of the money laundering scheme. Sit tight.
Load Test Private Ethereum Network with Trebuchet Framework
TL;DR: I couldn't find a load test tool that load test a private ethereum network. I wrote one so that you don't have to. It's called Trebuchet Framework. It toss any load at any service, and generates a pretty report.
A Usability Middleground for Blockchain Solutions - Authoritative Fallback Relays
Existing products often assume everyone to understand how blockchain works and that there will only be one standardised process. However, this assumption does not hold true and will only alienate the product from regular users and existing fully-functioning systems and processes. Let's take a look at how and why we should design for human users and other systems, followed by how we can build more usable products using Authoritative Fallback Relays (AFRs).
Getting Started with EOS on Cleos (Without Running a Full Node)
EOS is one of the fastest growing blockchain around. Being one of the newer distributed ledger technology out there, it’s tutorials and guides are still pretty much WIP. After spending many hours fiddling with the code base and figuring out how to connect to test net and main net (instead of just running my own node), I figured a method that is simple but was not documented.
Data Mining – Top 10 Rarest Gen II Pokemon in Singapore
Right after the release of the 2nd Generation Pokemon in Pokemon Go, I’ve got my scanners working and collecting Pokemon spawn data. Over the last 24 hours (minus a few hours of downtime), I’ve collected 182,898 individual spawn data for Gen II Pokemon. As I begin working on the data, here is a quick glimpse of how rare different Pokemon are.