New Year Resolution for 2020 - In OKR Format

For this year, my new year resolution will be in the format of an OKR. So here goes:

Objective #1 - Health

Because health is wealth

Objective: Improve my overall health

Key Results:

  1. Limit fast-food consumption to at most 3 times a week
  2. Exercise at least 3 times a week
  3. Obtain silver for my IPPT
  4. Sleep by 11:30 pm every day, with at most one cheat day a week
  5. Take my supplements

As I move towards the 30s, I can see my health takes a toll with all the fast food and lack of sleep and exercise. There wasn't any focus on my health in 2019, but that changes in 2020 - health will be my top priority.

Since I've been a sucker for fast food, I've decided to take it slow for this category and limit consumption to only 3 times a week. The other key results are pretty standard by a regular healthy human I guess.

Objective #2 - Wealth

Objective: Continue on journey towards financial independence

Key Results:

  1. Invest at least 50k SGD by end of the year
  2. Increase my passive income to at least 1k SGD per month
  3. Monthly review of financial status & investment returns


2019 was the year I learn a lot about investments and how to go about maximizing my returns. It was also a year where I've built a little (~ 500 SGD/mth) passive income from non-financial assets from mobile apps.

Going into 2020, I'll maintain the amount going towards investments albeit higher expenditure forecast (pre-wedding shoot & wedding cost). To cheat a little, I'll count the re-investment of dividends. This will means further cost-cutting on monthly expenditure. However, historically it's been proven that lowering the expense didn't work for me, so I'll probably work on increasing my overall income.

To do that, it will also mean that I'll have to track my finance more closely to understand my flow of money which I've no idea of right now. That will come in the form of a monthly review of my finances.

Notice I've decided to count only additional cash towards my assets (instead of total asset value) to ensure I don't have unnecessary pressure. I rather track what I can do.

Objective #3 - Learning

Picture of Books
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Objective: Continue to grow intellectually

Key Results:

  1. Read at least 2 books a month
  2. Attend at least 2 technical training
  3. Take a deep dive into at least one subject
  4. Gather feedback from peers at least bi-annually

In 2019, I've managed to read and learn on various topics like quantitative finance, Bayesian statistics, game theories and a little on security. Moving into 2020, I'll continue reading and running experiments in these fields.

On top of that, I'll like to put some focus on personal leadership and aim to get continuous feedback from peers at work to see how I can contribute to the team better, especially when the team is growing quite quickly now.

Objective #4 - Social

Your network is your net worth.

Objective: Growing my social network by partaking in meaningful activities

Key Results:

  1. Join/form an interest group or cause or business
  2. Write at least a blog post every month

2019 was yet another year I've neglected my social life. In 2020, I aim to fix that through joining or forming some interest group or cause or find some people to work on a business idea (have none I'll commit to at the moment). I had the honor to meet Audrey Tang in 2019 where I found interest in topics revolving around social innovations, so I might work in that direction for now.