Today My Company Broke Even, Time to Prepare for Our Product Launch


Received a call from my partner today regarding some cheques coming in for Captivoo. Our corporate account was not even ready yet! With those, we basically broke even and covered running cost in years to come, for a product that was conceptualised 25 days ago. Here is how it was built.

captivooThe Product

So what was the product in question? It is a product for retailers to skyrocket customer retention. It’s a digital reward card, but better.

We simplify the process of managing rewards for loyal customers. At the core of our business, we believe in simplicity. We do not want customer to be holding onto dozen of loyalty cards that can be misplaced. We do not want customers to be downloading dozen of mobile applications that they do not use. We want merchants to know how their loyalty program is performing and how they can tweak it to retain customers better. We want merchants to be able to communicate with their customers in the most intimate way possible.

The Timeline

12th Nov (T – 25)

Met up with my partner on the business idea. He is a hustler. I’m a rapid prototyper. We had a common idea. It was a match made in heaven.

16th Nov (T – 21)

First release of the server side application. A MVP to demonstrate the proof of concept. We were excited about what’s next.

19th Nov (T – 18)

First release of the client side application. The mobile application for the front end is built and integrated perfectly with the back-end APIs. Everything needed for V0.1 is ready!

21st Nov (T – 16)

Major release for both client and server application which adds analytical features into the service. We are matching up to a mature software company in terms of data visualisation here.

3rd Dec (T – 4)

Version 1.0 is ready for testing! In the meanwhile, I’m preparing the production environment.

7th Dec (T)

I received a phone call on a couple of cheques coming in. I’m preparing the online payments at the same time.

17th Dec (T + 10)

Launch day. We will be doing the first ever product demo there. Information about product will be drip fed to merchants in the meanwhile.

What’s Next

I’ll be sharing with fellow geeks how you too can create APIs within minutes (if not seconds) in my upcoming post. I’ll also be sharing more about the product launch checklist for aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to be in the game.

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You Are Invited to Our Launch

captivoo-inviteThat is Captivoo for you for now. If you are an existing retailer, and want to find out how we can grow your business, we invite you to our product launch on 17th Dec. Kindly use the contact form to let me know if you are coming, it’s an invitation only event.

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