Raymond Yeh

Raymond Yeh
A coffee-addict software architect

I enjoy working on interesting projects. If you have something that is going to change the world, contact me.



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Work Experiences


  • Coordinated and developed web and mobile application projects.
  • Conducted requirement elicitation and analysis with clients.
  • Provided advises on best practices to clients.
  • Managed relations with sub-contractors and downstream companies.
  • Hired intern and planned internship program for them.


Sales & Marketing Intern
  • Plan and execute marketing plans in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Liaising deals and partnerships with hotels.
  • Sourced for advertising opportunities on technologies and travel blogs, universities and banks.
  • Manage production of marketing materials for digital and print.


Supply Supervisor
Ministry of Defence Singapore
  • Train and manage store assistants.
  • Ensure sufficient stock of stores in unit.
  • Oversee building maintenance and repair work.
  • Design and improve storage and warehousing strategies.
  • Prepare reports for audit by the Logistics Audit Branch.


Relief Teacher
Ministry of Education Singapore
  • Substitute permanent teachers for lessons.
  • Plan, prepare and present classes on mathematics, national education and moral education.
  • Select and utilise a range of learning resources and equipment.


Certified Security Analyst v8

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.06.56 pm


Certified Ethical Hacker v8

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.08.02 pm

Co-Curriculum Activities


Vice-president (Support Management)
Cultural Activities Club

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.59.05 pm

  • Oversees operation of 7 support committees.
  • Set goals, monitor work & evaluate results of support directors to ensure departmental and organisational goals are met.
  • Work alongside with other vice-presidents and president in setting organisational goals.
  • Represented the club and students in the Student Union.


Media & IT Director
Cultural Activities Club
  • Development, implementation and administration of IT infrastructures and solutions in the club.
  • Manages a team of IT Officers and Media Officers in providing support to members of the club.
  • Re-worked the club’s website.
  • Implementation of CRM software to manage relationship and provide a centralised platform for communication with student bodies and the public.


Dean's List
Nanyang Technological University - School of Computer Engineering


Dean's List
Nanyang Technological University - School of Computer Engineering


2nd Runner -up for Hackatron Asia Singapore

Below is the list of some of the awesome projects I’ve worked on. They range from commercial projects , to school projects and even experimental projects.


Loyalty Reimagined

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.53.15 PMWielded is a customer loyalty solution for small to medium sized companies. It provides a solution to manage a loyalty program to engage the customers without the humongous cost.

With Wielded, companies can sign customers up to their loyalty platform with just their email addresses. There is no need for complex registration process or pesky loyalty card to keep in the wallet.

On top of points management, Wielded allow companies to create Scan Tags, QR codes that can reward customers with loyalty points for their engagement and also provide content. The introduction of Scan Tags open up the ways Wielded can be used to engage customers. Think about:

  • Take-home Art for Art Galleries
  • Learning Journey for Schools
  • Easter Egg Hunt for Attractions
  • Self Check-in for Spas

Technologies: Loopback, Mongodb, AWS S3, AWS SES, AWS EC2, AWS Load Balancer, AWS Auto Scaling, StrongPM, Ionic, Istanbul, Mocha, Artillery.io


Pangdemonium Booking Application
Support Tracking

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.48.22 PMTo cater to special requests put forth by season ticket holders, Pangdemonium has approached me to help the company manage these requests.

The first version of the application ingest booking data from SISTIC and intelligently match booking change requests from customers to their bookings.

However, due to requirement changes, the application further evolved into a support tracking application to fill in the gaps from SISTIC’s application without redundancies.

Technologies: Loopback, Mongodb, Heroku


Get a Ninja to Queue for You

Queue Ninja

Queue Ninja is a Queue Management System for restaurants and cafes to effectively manage their queues.

Instead of having their beloved patrons wait in the queue, they can now sign up with their phone number to wait in line. They will receive a customised phone call when their table is ready. This gives them time to shop around or find a place to chill while waiting for their tables. This application is commercially available.

Technology: Loopback, Titanium Appcelerator, Twilio, Plivo, Heroku, Mongodb


POS GTO formatter
Sales Report Cruncher

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.14.32 pm

Shopping malls in Singapore require their tenants to report their Gross Turnover (GTO) electronically. The tenants will have to upload a file to the shopping mall’s server daily to report their sales.

The project is to break down the sales report of Vend POS system and format them accordingly to the required format and upload it to the shopping mall directly.

The supported shopping mall GTO format are currently Capitaland, Frasermall, Landlease, Vivo and MarinaSquare.

Technology: Loopback, Heroku


Sales Report Cruncher
Employee's Target & Commission Cruncher

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 3.32.28 pm

With a comprehensive payout plan for employees, to motivate them, companies naturally get a complicated reward calculation procedure at the end of the month.

One such company approached to design a program to calculate the sales commission, target and service fees for their staffs. This helps the company reduce the manpower needed for calculating these figures and greatly reduce errors.

Technology: Loopback, Heroku


Delivery Crowdsourced

Sky Courier

Anyone can be a taxi driver as long as they have cars. Why not couriers?

Skycourier aims to allow merchants to easily get quotation for their delivery job. Upon making payment, registered drivers will be able to pick up the job. Merchants (and their customers) can then track the progress of the delivery like any courier services.

The application is available online and on mobile. The system consist of a server application, a web application, an admin mobile application, a driver mobile application, and customer mobile application.

*Application is currently in closed-beta.

Technology: Titanium Appcelerator, Loopback


One-click Coffee Buying App


What’s cooler than buying a coffee on a mobile app? Buying that coffee in 3 taps (and one is for launching the app)!

The mobile app (with the accompanying application server) was conceptualise while experimenting with Paypal’s adaptive payment system and pre-approved payments. The application will detect the user’s geolocation and present the nearest cafe’s selection of coffee once it launches. The user will then tap on the coffee he wants to purchase it immediately. An email or sms will be sent to the merchant about the order and the user will also receive a confirmation code to redeem the coffee at the outlet.

Technology: Paypal adaptive payment, Loopback, Titanium Appcelerator


Google & Facebook Scraper
Business Email Address Extractor

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 2.21.05 pm

Searching for local business contact details? Fret not, our scraper does this for you at lightning speed.

The first part of the scraper takes in a keyword input and returns the list of facebook pages of the businesses using Google search. From there, the second part of the scraper goes into each of these page to return the relevant details.

The project was to test Facebook’s current protection against scraping software and to attempt to bypass it.

*This project was an experiment and the code will not be made available to public due to violation in TOS of both services.

Technology: Node.js


An Instant E-commerce Site


GeckoMarket was an attempt to revolutionise e-commerce. It aims to allow anyone to accept transaction from anyone in matter of minutes.

The user can create his own product page that accepts payment (using Paypal) in a couple of clicks from the site’s main page. Once he creates the page, an account will be created where can can track the sales of his product. This idea was entered into Hackatron Asia Singapore 2014 and won the 2nd Runner-up Prize.

Technology: Node.js, Express.


NTU Switchblade
University Course Planner & Bus Tracker

NTU Switchblade

Switchblade is an utility application for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Students.It features a timetable planning tool and campus bus tracker.

The application was developed to after an experiment to reverse engineer the HTTP protocol used on NTU’s website which shows the bus timing.

Technology: Titanium Appcelerator


SG Haze Rescue
A Community Project to Help Singaporean through the Haze Period

SG Haze Rescue

SG Haze Rescue is a community of Singaporeans sharing resources to help individuals and families to overcome this hazy period. The community was formed in response to the worst episode of haze in 2013.

As there were multiple groups of people giving out masks at that point in time, the team needed a site to track the volunteers on the ground to prevent duplicated visits and ensure a wider distribution of masks. As a result, I’ve joined the team to build the site in the shortest period of time. The project soon garnered major media attention in a short span of time due to it’s scale and impact. Shortly after, the Singapore Ministry of Defence took over in the distribution of free mask to the community centres.

Technology: Drupal

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