Joining the ranks of writers at TechInAsia

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Having worked in startups I understand the importance of having press coverage. It gives you instant audience, not to mention credibility of some sort. So I thought what would it be like to be on the other side of the coin. That’s when I joined TechInAsia as a contributor.

Turns out, it is not definitely not the hardest blog to join. It was surprising for a tech blog of that calibre. All I need to is to register for an account on the site! Such a beginner-friendly place for writers wanna-be like myself.

Following which, the friendly community manager for Singapore Huiyi introduced me to the Facebook group where they share insights and discussions. I was immediately asked to do a short introduction about myself which was followed by all the warm welcome from the loving community.

I’m looking forward to contributing to the community and blog at TIA. Before that, I shall hone my writing skills and search for exciting stories. If you have any exciting scopes about technology or startups to share, I will definitely love to hear from you! Till then!