Hello World


I have been wanting to start a blog since eons ago. And for that long, I’ve been procrastinating. Finally a couples of days go, I’ve picked a nice blog design (and also paid a dear price for it). So what’s the deal with this blog?

Well, nothing much actually. It will just be my simple journal where I will talk about coding, startups, places and people.

I have a problem of remembering things and events all along. If you were to ask me to tell you an interesting story any time, I couldn’t. However, there is no lack of exciting things happening in my life! So the purpose of this blog will serve a few purpose:

1. Recollect the simple (and exciting) things of life

I’m a bad storyteller and I know it. Part of the problem lies with trying to remember the things that have happened. So I guess this blog will serve as an archive to interesting events and thoughts I have. I’m pretty sure I would be able to pick up some epic story from here soon enough if I continue blogging here. Chances are there’s probably be more stupid posts where I could look back and have a good laugh at myself for being dumb.

2. Ponder about societal (and existential) issues in general

Sure I’m an engineer at heart. But that does not mean that I do not ponder about the meaning of life. Or why do we not use grass to make paper. Or who side should I be on for the case between Lee Hsien Loong and Amos Yee. If you are expecting fabulous debates, then I warn you against reading further. My secondary school teacher banned me from writing narrative after realise how uncreative I am and how bad are my sentence structures.

3. Geek out

Last but not least, I’m a geek. And proud to be one. I will probably be talking about some computer science related topics as well as some issues pertaining to web application development. I’m definitely not one of the best coder around. So if you are looking for very clean code, perhaps you will be disappointed. But if you are looking at how I can hack things together, you might be in for a treat as I showcase some of my projects (or side projects) here.