A Computer Scientist in Marketing


So its been a couple of weeks since I’ve worked full time in Captivoo. Now that the first phase of product development is completed, I’ve shifted focus to sales and marketing. How will things look like when you put a computer scientist into sales and marketing role? 

A Computer Scientist in Marketing

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.20.27 PMAutomation

I realised many companies has this few people who worked on the same thing since a long time ago, and the work are really mind numbing. I was in this position while searching for business emails to pitch our products to. It is really satisfying to have work like that because it does burn up quite a number of ‘working hours’ and makes me feel really productive. So instead of making sales call or setting up partnership with strategic organisation, I’m searching for spa and beauty salon and keying the items into an excel sheet. Wasted half a day on that.

I thought what would it take to fire me from that position and have something automate the process. Perhaps I can take a nap while my computer works for me. That was what I did. Over the past one week, I’ve worked on multiple web-scraping tools that crawls pages like StreetDirectory, Vaniday, Groupon and Facebook. Each of them takes almost half a day of coding but the end result is freedom from such tasks.

So here is a thought of the day. Are you working in a job that can be replaced by a script or an equipment?

Intelligent System

I’ve been working on webscrapers since a long time ago. Each web scraper agent is built specifically for one website. Sure there is scalability in terms of getting information from that one source. The problem lies in what happen when you are done with that site. You have to turn to another source of information and build another scraper for that site.

What if there is an intelligent agent that works for any website? What if there is an agent that I could give it a business name and it returns me relevant emails, webpages and phone numbers? What if there is an agent that knows where to find a list of spa outlets?

That is exactly what I’m working on after the working hours. At this moment, the AI-powered B2B leads generation agent (hereafter named AgentX) is really stupid. It’s getting half the things wrong and isn’t a big threat to anyone yet.

If anyone is interested in talking to me about AgentX, ping me. Either way stay tuned to geek.sg. I will talk more about AgentX in subsequent blog post.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.18.33 PMCreepy Marketing

What if I tell you that I know exactly when you open my email, when you click on the links on my email and how long you stayed on my website. And I have a video of your interaction with my website to proof that. What if the first thing you click on the link on the email and it says “Hello [your name]”?

This is exactly how much marketers know about you.

On Monday there will be a email campaign being sent out to businesses I’ve collected data of, to tell them about Captivoo. Except this time, we do not tell them about the benefits of our program. Instead, the email breaks down their profit and cost from their most recent deal on Groupon and invite them for a free consultation with one of our customer loyalty specialist to find out how they can increase their ROI for their campaigns.

Each of these businesses will receive an email with a link to their customised report. How more personal can marketing get?

Ping me if you have any interesting marketing techniques to share or you would like to know more about what I do.