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Why You Shouldn’t Pay for SEO (From an Ex Black Hat SEO)


Every now and then I will receive a call that goes “Eh Raymond, how much you charge for SEO ah?”. Just a couple of months ago, I will quote him the price, wait for money to come in and then place an order for some “SEO Package”. Part of me knows it will work, part of me knows that its just a fad. So I’ve decided to come clean, buying SEO doesn’t work. Do not spend another cent on “SEO Package”.

Here’s why.

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Something’s Brewing

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.43.29 am

Recently, one of my long term partner in business brought up an idea and wanted to collaborate with me to launch a new product. It is not the first time anyone wanted me to “be the technical co-founder”. More often than not, I will hear the person out and then dismiss the idea; either because the product simple does not solve a problem or the team lacks a little something that makes it work.  This time, I love the product and the team. Here’s why.

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