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Bullets then Cannonballs


Another two weeks passed for my internship. The last two weeks was spent on marketing. Pure marketing. One of our experiments hit a jackpot and I’m here to share what works.

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First Week of ‘Internship’


So it has been a week of working full time on Captivoo, my startup. I never knew that so much could happen in a week, and the experience to be so different from what I’ve imagined. I’ve decided to capture random snippets of thoughts and work schedule on my this blog to hold myself accountable to the growth of Captivoo. There will be at least one blog post every week as I reflect on my past week and plan for the next.

If you are reading this, feel free to laugh and learn from the mistakes I will be making along the way as a founder.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pay for SEO (From an Ex Black Hat SEO)


Every now and then I will receive a call that goes “Eh Raymond, how much you charge for SEO ah?”. Just a couple of months ago, I will quote him the price, wait for money to come in and then place an order for some “SEO Package”. Part of me knows it will work, part of me knows that its just a fad. So I’ve decided to come clean, buying SEO doesn’t work. Do not spend another cent on “SEO Package”.

Here’s why.

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