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Getting Started with Cryptocurrencies – Common Questions


You have just heard about Bitcoin (BTC) and how if you have held $100 worth of BTC in 2011, you would have > $70 million now. You may be thinking of a few things:

  • If only I bought that $100 worth of Bitcoins, I would be lying on the beach of Maldives, sipping on my glass of martini.
  • Now the price is so high, it’s probably the worst time to buy any.
  • Also, my friends were telling me it’s a passing fad and the bubble may burst anytime.
  • By then, I’ll probably be lying under the bridge, drinking rainwater collected in my inverted umbrella.

Let me ease you into getting your hands wet and join the crowd by sharing my two cents on the above points.

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Trade Bitcoins in Singapore

Buy/Sell Bitcoins in Singapore

Buy Bitcoins

Sell Bitcoins

Buying and selling bitcoins in Singapore can be very perplexing for first-time buyers.

As an early adopter of technologies, I’ve been there myself. I’ve got my first bitcoins on Localbitcoins back in 2014. Since then, I’ve dealt with various platforms like Remitano, CoinHako, etc.

However, I’ve realised that most people do not want a deep dive into bitcoins on day one. They just want to get their hands onto a bitcoin or two without the hassle of understanding how bitcoin works!

While I trade bitcoins on major marketplace, where they provide a safer environment for everyone, I’ve offered my buyers/sellers options of conducting the trades off such platforms to receive better pricing.

So I’ve thought of extending this service to you if you would like to buy/sell bitcoins in Singapore.

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