Hi, I’m Raymond and is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Science in Singapore. I have also founded Whitefables and co-founded Arthop.

I’ve profound interests in building both technology products and businesses. I believe that time-to-market and cost are important to getting the right product to the market at the right time. As I explore building the next tech product I will be documenting the process in this blog and I invite you to join me in the conversations. Occasionally, I will also talk about startups, marketing and travels, just to break the monotony.

affordable-art-fairIf you would like to know more about me; I’ve been performing street magic since high school days, and have organised several community events for the magician group in Singapore. However I have retired from the hobby but would not mind showing you a trick or two when we meet. I’ve interests in community projects as well. If you have an idea which will benefit the community and needs help, be sure to hit me up!

If you would like to talk about tech, startups or art (watercoloring to be specific) over lunch, contact me here.